Here is what some of our customers wanted to share about amazing breakthroughs using our TENS machines. These are authentic and unsolicited.


Thanks Rory. I am so thankful to have passed by your kiosk last Saturday. I work as a solicitor and thus spend most of my work day sitting down. Things have been pretty tough the last few weeks and I have been heavily drugged up on painkillers. Since buying your TENS machine I have taken only one Panadol.  It is amazing - so much better than the TENS machine I used previously and very easy to operate. 

Many thanks

Heather Tucker
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Hi Rory

I am a very satisfied customer!

I have only taken pain relief once since buying my TENS machine. Thank you so much to you both for introducing me to it.  I cannot believe what a difference it has made to me.  Gee this sounds like those ads you read  in magazine advertising but for me it is very real. I didn't know I could have less pain .

Great product!

Once again many thanks



Hi Rory,

I’m sure you get lots of these messages.

I was hobbling around The Palms mall last Saturday, due to my injured lumber disc and sciatica, when my wife saw your stand. I went over for a chat and was impressed with the story Peter told. He was a very “straight up” guy, totally unpretentious with a credible medical background. He got me to sit down and try the machine for a little while. I won’t say I was cured immediately, but it had been 4 hours since my last Codeine dose (30 – 60 Mg) and I would normally be feeling quite sore by then. This time I wasn’t! I thought I’d give this little piece of wonder a go.

I got home and tried a decent 1 hr session using the larger pads. I was astounded when afterwards, I could feel my right foot that had been numb and tingling for a bit over 2 months!

I had another session later that day and felt better than I would have thought possible after such a short time with the TENS device. I had a brief introduction to TENS at our local physio, but it didn’t seem to do much for me. So, I have not had any Codeine since last Saturday morning. This is very good as I hated the idea of taking so much just to get through the day. I was up to 8 30Mg tablets at one time, but preferred to be in a bit of pain and reduce this as much as possible. I’m not pain free, but then a sports doctor who has seen my MRI scans said I had a “significant” disc injury. I am however able to walk almost normally and have taken great delight in telling all my workmates why I’m not limping and grimacing like I was doing even last week...and that’s when the pain would allow me to function at work! I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon tomorrow, so will see what he says, but I want to thank you sincerely for making this little piece of technology available to all those in pain. It has got me out of the clutches of despair, where pain was becoming my “normal”!!


Peter van Brucken


Thank You Rory for introducing me to “TENS” machines.  They are fantastic devices.  Really pleasant & effective pain relief on my stiff lower back & in fact anywhere I get a pain niggle.  It also frees up the stiffness.  I have also used it to great effect on Tennis or Golfers elbow.  I have recommended these devices to lots of golfers.  They are a “must try” for anyone:

Peter Hamblett

PGA Golf Professional


I would also like to let you know that I use the Machine pretty much every day as part of my recovery program.

Right now I am preparing to run the length of New Zealand in world record time. This requires me to run the

equivalent of three marathons a day for a total of 16 days.

The demands I am placing on my body are immense. Yet with apparatus such as your TENS machine I am able

to remain sound and keep up to the rigors of my training program. The machine has definitely made a significant

difference and continues to do so.

Thank you so much and warm Regards

Curly Jacobs

Ultra Marathon Runner