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Welcome to Healthco NZ

Thank you for visiting us. We have been supplying state-of-the-art TENS machines to NZ for over 7 years and have enabled thousands of New Zealanders to experience pain relief and injury recovery in a unique way.  And without drugs.

TENS machines are used right across the world by health professionals and sports professionals.  They are certified medical devices and accepted by mainstream medicine as a pain relief device.

Most of our customers have never heard of a TENS machine.  I was the same until I bought one and tried it.  I was astounded there was a machine available (and has been available for over 50 years) that could not only relieve the pain in my back but has aided in virtually complete recovery.  I have gone on to use it on my knee, my hand, my arm, my foot, stress relief and for just plain old pleasure.  And, I have seen so many people achieve similar results. My family uses them and my friends and extended family too.

This is an unbelievable device that uses the body to help itself, and without drugs.  It cannot harm you and has no side effects.  Only those with an electronic implant (pacemaker etc), have epilepsy or are pregnant up to 36 weeks cannot use it. (These have never been seriously trialled on pregnant ladies because of any potential risk factor, although they are used in childbirth for pain relief) 

I am sure you too will enjoy the benefits so many others have from our TENS machines.

Happy shopping from Rory Curtis and the team at Healthco NZ.